Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hi There!

Welcome! Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Gina. Over the last fifteen years, I've judged contests for writing groups all over the world, hosted workshops online and in person, mentored new authors on the road to publication, and acted as critique partner to hundreds of writers. I've also managed to publish eleven of my own novels (so far).

The publishing world has changed drastically in that time. One of the biggest changes has been the sudden rise in options available for writers to share their work with the world. One of the biggest disappointments in that change is the proliferation of books I've read that are poorly edited (if at all). So often, authors are too anxious to share their stories with readers, and they don't take the time to ensure the quality of the work.

Face it. No matter how good your story, if your work is littered with grammatical and spelling errors, loose ends, and/or lapses in continuity, readers won't plunk down their hard-earned cash on your book. I hope you'll consider using my editing services for your next story. Even if you don't, please be sure to have someone (not a friend or relative) with a writing background review your work before you hit that Upload button or submit the story to a publishing house.

To help you improve your writing skills, I've started this blog where I'll post helpful hints on grammar and punctuation, introduce you to writing services, and interview professionals who can help you with everything from cover art to marketing ideas. Be sure to stop by often, or have this blog sent to you via email whenever there's a new post.

See you on the bestseller list!

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